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If you choose to work with Slider Brothers / Garage-Aire, we expect that you too will have positive things to say about us! We take great pride in our work and believe our outstanding customer service and screen door products and installation skills surpass our competition!

Kevin Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how much we enjoy our garage screens. In the last three years our garage has become the neighborhood meeting place on summer evenings. We have met more of our neighbors who just stopped by to ask where we got the screens and Paul seems to like napping out there occasionally on a nice summer day. So glad we decided to get them. Thanks SUE WATSON

Pat and the guys You were right, I can’t believe the amount of time we spend out in the garage , I painted the floor, got some furniture ,TV. and even a treadmill. Love it Thanks John S.

Slider Brothers Tom and I love the screens. The kids spend nearly all day out there with all the toys and the house is much less cluttered. Sam (our dog) likes it too. Thank You Thomas & Ann Pitts

Kevin Re: Garage Door Screens Since we have had our screens installed we find that the majority of our summer evenings are being spent relaxing in the garage .My husband and I don’t get to sit down and relax most nights until just about dark. I’ve found I can sit and read the paper or even a book with the lights on and not be chased in by the bugs. Thank you for helping us discover this large room we really did not realize we had. Kim G

Pat I originally bought your screen for my two Labrador puppies. Needless to say they enjoyed being out of the house and I felt better knowing they could get plenty of air. I now have a lounge chair out there for myself and find it great to sit and relax while cooling down after mowing or yard work. All is working great. Thank you Jan M Beltz

Slider Brothers Prior to having your sliding screens installed on our back porch my family would not eat out on our porch, I was stuck in the hot stuffy kitchen. Now we all eat out on the porch almost every night. One of the best improvements weave made to the house so far. Thanks for a good job. Ron B.