Garage Screen Doors - Garage Aire - Slider Brothers! Manufactured since 1963

Garage Screen Doors Construction

The Garage-Aire tm sliding screen system has been made in western New York since 1963. Our heavy duty construction will ensure you enjoy your new space for years to come.

  • Heavy duty solid aluminum track with shallow slide grooves. No need to remove in winter, just drive in.
  • Garage-AireTM sill
    • solid 6063 extruded aluminum
    • only 3/8" high
    • (easy to drive over; tough to trip over)
    • full radius track groove can't collapse
    • The super low profile allows handicap accessibility.
  • 2" vinyl head track provides adequate height adjustment for most cases of uneven concrete.
  • Vinyl glidestrip provides the seal at the sill and additional adjustment for height and slope of concrete.
  • Screen panels - 1" structural tubular aluminum frame and heavy duty pool and patio grade fiberglass screen mesh.
  • Garage Screen Options

    Our garage screen doors come with plenty of options including:

  • Sliding or Stationary
  • full screen or 11' kickpanel
  • square or angled corners (45 degrees)
  • heavy duty "super screen"
  • colors: White and Sandstone