Garage Screen Doors - Garage Aire - Slider Brothers!

Common Questions and Answers

Will I still be able to put my car in?

Yes our screens ride on a two-track system that will allow for just less than 50% of the total opening. On an 8 or 9 ft opening you would need to remove just the two panels (est. time 4-6 minutes). On a double door some larger cars and s.u.v.’s require removal of panels.

Do I have to remove the tracks in the winter?

NO Our exclusive bottom track is a solid extruded aluminum 6063 T5 alloy that is only 3/8” high .Our track gains its strength from your concrete so as long as there are no major crevices in the concrete there is no need to remove.

What is the recommended maintenance?

A good quality silicone spray (99% pure) into the top track and on the bottom track when panels feel like they are beginning to drag.

Can I get storm panels for the winter?

No. At this time we are not manufacturing storm doors.

What if I tear the screen cloth?

Most areas have a local hardware store or home center that does screen repair .We use phifer wire – pool and patio mesh.

I don’t think my doorjambs are plumb?

The Garage-Aire has deep-pocketed head and side jambs to allow for some of this. Consult your local dealer or Slider Brothers.

I think I have an odd size opening what can I do?

Because our screen fits between your jambs outside of your door and from the concrete to the header every one is made for that specific opening. Just order by the sizes you have.

Can your screens be used for porches?

Yes our screen can be used in almost any rectangular opening; there are some height restrictions however.